We are comitted to serving the needs of our agents, customers, and employees

Our business continuity plans have already been deployed to minimize any disruption caused by the impact of COVID-19 to our policyholders. For the safety of our employees and to comply with state guidelines for essential employees and operations, most of our NLC team has already successfully transitioned to work from home. Feedback has been that we continue to provide our high standard of service. Thank you for your support throughout this transition!

We're here for you

COVID-19 has presented many challenges including those that are financial in nature. At the start of the pandemic we instituted a number of adjustments to our normal operations. Click here for more information about our relief programs. As many stay-at-home guidelines were relaxed, we resumed our normal procedures.

If you continue to face serious challenges due to COVID-19, there may be ways we can work with you to provide flexibility and ease some of your burden. In order to review your options, you must contact us or your agent to discuss your situation.

Like you, we look forward to a time when COVID-19 is finally behind us. In the meantime, we want you to know that we understand what you are experiencing and hope we can offer some assistance.

What can I do?

You may want to have your agent review your policy to see if there are any premium savings available via additional credits that you may qualify for, or to explore coverage adjustments that reflect current circumstances – i.e. changes in vehicle usage, coverages or deductibles.

We hope these actions, along with those provided by other businesses, state, and federal authorities will help provide you additional piece of mind. We will continue to monitor developments related to COVID-19 and will notify you if any changes or extensions are necessary to any of these actions.